What Others Are Saying about As the Oceans Rise

"Have we passed the point of no-return regarding global warming? We can't be certain. What we do know is that the stakes are so enormous that each of us must do everything we can to shift our lives and our society towards sustainability. With admirable clarity, Chuck Tremper shows us exactly what we can do, now, to help reverse the disastrous course that has us presently hurtling toward the edge of a cliff. If you want to be part of the turning of the tide, read this book."

- John Robbins, author Diet For A New America, The Food Revolution, and Healthy At 100; founder, EarthSave International

"Global warming has begun to change the way we do business. It's creating huge opportunities for clean-tech ventures that will reduce our carbon emissions and give us a better quality of life. As the Oceans Rise gives us a close-up look at how clean-tech is starting to change our world and explains how each of us can do our part."

- Steve Westly, clean-tech investor, former California Controller and candidate for Governor

"We all know we need to be doing more about climate change. As the Oceans Rise tells us how to break our old habits and get past the uncertainties that hold us back.

- Virginia Johnson, Executive Director / CEO, Ecology Action 

"As the Oceans Rise elegantly and pragmatically describes the broad social and economic strategies we will need to beat climate change."

- Jeremy Hays, Organizing Director, Apollo Alliance