E-Book Formats

Several e-book formats are available for different devices. For reading on a PC or Mac, special software provides a "book-like" experience, with page layouts that are designed to fit the screen, bookmarks, and other features that make reading on a computer more like reading from a book. Unless otherwise indicated, each reader listed below can be downloaded and installed in less than 5 minutes and is very easy to use. As the Oceans Rise is available in each of these formats and as an audiobook in mp3 format.


Free E-Book Readers for Your Computer

A full-featured e-reader, very flexible and easy to use (Mobipocket is an Amazon.com company)


Simple e-reader with an exceptionally clear text Download

An e-reader for the emerging e-book standard (.epub) that also works with PDF files Download

Note: Some of these e-book readers ask you to register or activate the product in order to read copy-protected materials. That step is not necessary for As the Oceans Rise obtained from this website. Although the book is copyrighted, for your convenience the digital files are not copy-protected. You are free to make copies or download in multiple formats provided that you do not distribute the book in violation of copyright.

If you encounter any problems or have questions, please email support.