About E-books

As described in As the Oceans Rise, we can help reduce the pace of global warming by reading as much as possible on-screen rather than on paper. We need to preserve trees that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and adopt new technologies that can ultimately be powered by renewable energy. With that in mind, e-book and audiobook versions of As the Oceans Rise are available without charge.

A few decades ago, almost everyone wrote with a pen and paper. Many declared they would never convert to writing at a computer. And now? Somehow our habits changed and composing at a keyboard became the norm. Even though e-book readers consume energy and become electronic waste, they provide a net benefit for the climate by reducing not only the loss of forests, but also the energy needed to produce and transport printed materials.

Most of us are already using our computer screens to read news and other material electronically. Book-like e-readers from Sony, Amazon.com, iRex, and others, as well as some PDAs, provide an alternative to spending more time in front of a computer. Future generations of these devices are likely to be as superior to their forerunners as today's computers are to the DOS-based PCs of 20 years ago.

We can hasten the adoption of e-books by trying one of the portable e-readers or by using our PCs and laptops with e-reader software from Microsoft, Adobe, or Mobipocket (an Amazon subsidiary). Unlike the print-oriented Adobe Acrobat system, new e-reader software fits the text to the size of the screen and offers many other advantages. As the Oceans Rise and thousands of other books are available for on-screen reading using any of these products.

E-reading Advantages

  • Newspapers, magazines, books, etc., all together
  • Easily change the size of the font
  • Search for words and phrases
  • Carry everything you want to read when you travel
  • Look up definitions easily
  • With Internet access, follow links to the Web
  • Get new content delivered instantly

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