Chuck Tremper

Chuck Tremper brings multiple perspectives to the field of climate change. Before taking up the cause of global warming, his work spanned the fields of risk management, policy making, high tech, and market dynamics. While working in Washington, DC, he founded the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, which received the endorsement of a Presidential Task Force and support of both Democratic and Republican administrations. While working in Washington, he also helped to launch the Americorps progam and led the campaign for adoption of the Volunteer Protection Act.

Using humor and anecdotes to overcome foreboding subject matter, Chuck has previously authored books on risk reduction and dozens of other publications designed to demystify complex topics for lay readers. He has delivered speeches and conducted workshops in 26 states. Having concurrently earned a law degree and a PhD from UCLA, and later held a joint faculty appointment in Law and Psychology, Chuck makes the connections among personal, social, legal, and environmental realms. He has taught at the National Law Center of George Washington University and the University of Nebraska. He now lives in Santa Cruz, California, where he has planted a redwood tree in his yard and vowed to outlive it or die trying!

Chuck is available for interviews and presentations based on the book. His interview on KRXA's Tomorrow Matters program with Deborah Lindsay is available as an mp3 download.

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