About the Book

As the Oceans Rise provides inspiration, guidance, and examples for taking action to reduce global warming and prepare for changes that will occur. In an easy-to-read format, the book answers questions we're all asking about about which policies to support and what actions to take. To establish a foundation for those decisions, this extensively researched book explains the connections between particular human activities, climate change, and its projected impact on the way we live.

With illuminating interviews and examples drawn from people, businesses, and governments in transition, the book shows what the pioneers are already doing to reduce carbon emissions. That exploration provides insights about how our environmental choices entwine with other aspects of our lives, ultimately affecting not only the world we live in, but who we are. The book also explains how we can overcome the psychological traps that keep us from doing as much as we should.

Lessons are offered from vanguard communities in Northern California and other communities around the country that have already committed to sharply reducing greenhouse gas emissions and from businesses that are profiting from green products and operations. At the personal level, clues to the future are found in the lives of people who have adopted more sustainable lifestyles that benefit them and the planet.