Nearly 100 people participated in interviews for As the Oceans Rise.

Global Warming Activists

Bill Stanley, Global Climate Change Initiative Director, The Nature Conservancy

Glen Brand, Director, Cool Cities and Cool Counties (Sierra Club)

Van Jones, Executive Director, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

Janisse Ray, environmentalist and author (Ecology of a Cracker Childhood, Pinhook: Finding Wholeness in a Fragmented Land)

Michele Wyman, Executive Director, ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability)

Margit Hentschel, Director, Climate Resilient Communities Program, ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability)

Jeremy Hays, Organizing Director, Apollo Alliance

David Kroodsma, Co-Founder, Ride for Climate U.S.A.

Julian Darley, President, Post Carbon Institute

Celine Rich, Executive Director, Post Carbon Institute

Daniel Lerch, author of Post Carbon Cities: Planning for Energy and Climate Uncertainty

Matt Vander Sluis, Global Warming Program Manager, The California Climate Outreach Campaign, Planning and Conservation League

Virginia Johnson, Executive Director, Ecology Action

Mahlon Aldridge, Vice President, Energy Group, Ecology Action

Dr. Laura A. Strohm, Executive Director, The Sustainability Academy

Clean-Tech Entrepreneurs

Steve Westly, The Westly Group (CleanTech venture capitalist, former California state controller and gubernatorial candidate)

Pat Spears, President, Intertribal Council On Utility Policy (wind power)

Jessica Fullmer, Executive Director, Sustainable Business Institute (accrediter)

Bill McCoy, General Manager of Digital Publishing, Adobe (e-books)

Arthur Klebanoff, CEO, RosettaBooks (e-books)

Albert Nunez, Capital Sun Group & SkyBuilt Power (renewable energy)

Neal Saiki, CEO, Zero Motorcycles (electric motorcycles)

James W. Kao, President/CEO, Green Citizen (electronics recycling)

John Suppes, CEO, Clarum Homes (green building)

Anders Müler, Baltic Sea Solutions (renewable energy)

Peter Winarsky, Innovation Center Denmark (renewable energy)

Daniel Robin, bio-renewables entrepreneur and co-organizer of Race Against Global Warming

Michael Ford, President, Choose Renewables (green products)

Paul McGrath, Founder, RideSpring (alternate commuting)

Michael Arenson, Director of Sales and Marketing, Full Circle Solar (renewable energy)

David Silver, Dealership Owner, ZENN Cars of Santa Cruz (electric cars)

Paul Izenstark, Director of Technical Services, WarmBoard (radiant heating)

Lois Wright, Government Affairs Representative, Sacramento Municipal Utilities District

Jim Sanfilippo, NiLA (LED lighting)

Environmental Researchers and Natural Resources Managers

Dr. Dominique Bachelet, Director of Climate Change Science, The Nature Conservancy

Dr. Lara Hansen, Senior Scientist, Climate Change, WWF

Dr. Lee Hannah, Senior Climate Change Fellow, Conservation International

David J Stout, Chief, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Division of Habitat and Resource Conservation

Dr. Rod Fujita, Senior Scientist, Environmental Defense

Dr. Gary Griggs, Director, Institute of Marine Sciences, Coastal Processes and Geologic Hazards, UCSC

Dr. Michael Loik, Director, Plant and Ecosystem Responses to Climate Change, UCSC

Dr. Kenneth Coale, Director, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories

Dr. Stacy Kim, Marine Ecology Researcher, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories

Dr. Bruce Jaffe, Research Scientist, U.S. Geological Survey

Dr. Rod Salm, The Nature Conservancy

Dr. Phil Kramer, The Nature Conservancy

Dr. Chris Bergh, The Nature Conservancy

Dr. Barry Baker, The Nature Conservancy

Jack Hurd, The Nature Conservancy

Jeff DeBlieu, The Nature Conservancy

Elizabeth Macleod, The Nature Conservancy

Louis Blumberg, The Nature Conservancy

Laura Smith, The Nature Conservancy

Local Government

Fred Keeley, Treasurer, Santa Cruz County and architect of California’s solution to its energy crisis in 2001

Ryan Coonerty, Mayor, City of Santa Cruz

Emily Reilly, Former Mayor, City of Santa Cruz

Oliver Thomas, New Orleans City Council President

Mary Arman, Santa Cruz Public Works Operations Manager

Mikeala Engert, Keene, New Hampshire, City Planner

Larry Robinson, Sebastopol City Council Member and former Mayor

Bob Nelson, Santa Cruz Superintendent of Solid Waste Collection

Dan Seidel, Superintendent of the Santa Cruz Wastewater Treatment Facility

Chris Berry, Santa Cruz Water Resources Manager

Ceil Cirillo, Executive Director, Santa Cruz City Redevelopment Agency

Suzanne Healy, Santa Cruz Environmental Projects Analyst

Greg Larson, Santa Cruz Planning Director

Bill Kocher, Santa Cruz Water Department Director

Business Operations

Kelly Hardy, Attorney, DLA Piper

David Yudkin, CEO, Hot Lips Pizza

Brian T. Mullis, President, Sustainable Travel International

Dr. George Blumenthal, Chancellor, University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC)

Larry Pageler, Director, UCSC Transportation and Parking Services

Michael Brownlee, Catalyst, Boulder County Going Local!

Peter Beckman, Think Local First-County of Santa Cruz

Jonathan Martel, Attorney, Arnold & Porter

Andy Ruben, Vice President, Corporate Sustainability, Wal-Mart

Sustainable Practices

John Robbins (vegetarian, founder of EarthSave, and author of Diet For A New America, The Food Revolution, and Healthy At 100)

Nell Newman (flexitarian and founder of Newman's Own Organics)

Eleanor Wasson (99-year-old vegetarian and friend of the environment)

Linda Breen Pierce (author of Choosing Simplicity and Simplicity Lessons)

Ken Foster (permaculture practitioner)

Luis Alejo (resident of Vista Montaņa zero-energy homes community)

Austin Stowell (living off the grid since 1985)

Bob Stayton (converted electric car)

Patricia Clark (early adopter of e-book reading)

Martin Stone Davis (bike to train commuter)

Chuck Hornick (indoor power meter user)

Hannah Fries (Orion Magazine Making Other Arrangements editor)

Larry Gilman (proponent of low-tech home entertainment)

Brian Eisenhauer (creator of web-based system for farmers markets)

Betsy Hands (director of homeWORD)

Terry O'Day (artist)